Creating connections

The Social Activation and Experimentation team is currently running two major initiatives to create connections across and beyond our community. The first of these explores how we can create a transformational moment in history by building a movement of moments in collaboration with our community. The second initiative is exploring how we can leverage a digital platform, Exaptive, to augment our community through AI and machine learning.

Read more about each of these initiatives below and find out how you can get involved!

A movement of moments


We at EIT Climate-KIC are working to build a cascade of moments that matter, connected by a collective narrative of transformation. Built with people who, like us, want to act to change the system. We are using the principles of movement building, social innovation and community activation. Our approach is experimental, non-violent, experiential and about creating hope (not fear). We are the largest global public-private partnership focused on climate. We have always existed to empower and connect people to use their unique skills, expertise and passion to take action in a collective way. We work with hundreds of partners and thousands of community members and over the past 10 years we have an extensive portfolio of projects, initiatives, programmes and experiments all aimed at system change. 

In those 10 years we have learnt a lot. We know about what works, and what doesn’t work, particularly when it comes to changing entire systems (key insights of this learning can be seen in our strategy, Transformation, in Time).

Now, we want to use this experience as a global platform, and in collaboration with our community and every person who wants to take action, drive toward creating a transformational moment in history. We want to add to and amplify the energy already created by existing climate movements. Importantly, given our history, experience and breadth of community, we want to help channel this energy and toward major global events and key decision makers.

For more information, please read  Moments Matter*

Community platform: Exaptive


The Social Activation and Experimentation team at EIT Climate-KIC has been experimenting since late 2018 with an exciting community match-making and collective intelligence tool called Exaptive. This platform allows people to connect and opens up new opportunities to work together to unlock systemic change.

Matchmaking and team building

We are particularly interested in experimenting with the Exaptive ‘Cognitive City’ tool because it allows users to self-match-make and to create novel teams. It can unlock potential for unexpected people to work together in unexpected ways by using machine learning to suggest collaborations.

How does the system generate suggested collaborations? The City uses Exaptive’s patented ‘Goldilocks algorithm’. Just like Goldilocks didn’t want porridge too hot or too cold, innovative collaborators don’t want to have too little in common, but they don’t want to have too much in common either. Sparking innovation requires having just the right amount of commonality mixed with complementary differences.

How can Exaptive help you?

The tool allows our community to build transparency across all of our projects and programmes, and opens up new opportunities for collaboration. Users can explore and connect with EIT Climate-KIC’s entire portfolio of innovation projects, our partners, start-ups and our Alumni community. It can also help you find and connect with different people that have the skills,  capabilities or expertise that you need to compliment your project team. All you need to do is to register, create your profile and start exploring the City!

For more information, please watch this video to understand how people from across the entire EIT Climate-KIC community can use it to find and connect with each other in new and different ways.

Explore Exaptive!